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After a while full of small setbacks, here I am again.

They say God gives the greatest battles for their best warriors. I do not know if it's true or if He is confusing me with 'Rambo' (LOL), but the fact is that I have learned to strengthen me in a beautiful manner and at incredible speed.

I strongly believe that some of the troubles we have in life is to prepare a better way, full of grace and blessings.
I've been through many such stupid problems and situations that today I just laugh at my previous naivety.

Fake people who fear for our success and do everything to take our happiness will always exist. The way you deal with them is that will make all the difference.

In my personal concept, people who try to destroy you, cause arguments or simply disturb are unhappy people who could not even walk on their own feet, who failed to follow its own path.

They say the grass is always greener in the neighbor's house. Lie. Is your grass, you care and transformed into a garden that is the most green and beautiful, because it has the taste of a victory, something that was conquered with your own effort.

I always pray to God that if I am not able to forgive (the follies of others), then He makes me forget these people.
It works. You stop getting hurt and God, at the right time, does justice needed for those who hurt you.

Oh... my life became a box of emotions... and I'm happy because God is in charge.

Lots of Love to all of you, guys. <3

Just going through here to thank the new friends, celebrate with the old ones and wish a Merry Xmas and a great New Year to all of you!

May we can be together next year full of God's grace and strengthened on friendship and life.

Blessed Hugs... ❤¸.•*`*•.

Another year is at the end... and I find myself mesmerized by some people around me... so many disappointments, sorrows... and unfortunately learned that I can not trust others.

It would be foolish to say that I always expect the best in each other? I believe that all people are good inside and that are often the internal pain, the bruises and scars that make someone act in a bad way sometimes?

More and more I  become aware that I must just believe in God and let Him act and that I have in Him my biggest and best comfort.
It seems that the only one who is listening is Him.

Lately I've been really tired of other people's wickedness.
Any day I give a proper 'goodbye' to all the false friends and disappear once for all of their views.

I thank my husband for being so present lately, supporting me and listening to the pain of my heart. <3

Those who still have a good heart and believe in true friendship, my affection and sincere hug.

Bring on the year-end festivities and the good feelings...
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So much time has passed, so many changes, problems, disappointments, sorrows... but also brought me victories, joys and teachings.
I could understand that God is as a tsunami in our lives to remove everything that does not pay or not worth it once and for all.
I've learned a lot at this time.
I fixed a broken heart injured for other people's injustice, I won some victories and made new friends.
It was not always easy; many tears were shed and today I see how useless it was to stay holding a situation unsolved.
There are things in this world that you don't have the courage to get rid to heal, so God makes that decision for you. Even if it is too painful, even if you think that will not endure, that will shatter you into a thousand pieces.
Time lets you see that all is not lost, you find new and better opportunities in life. Whether be in the area of love, health, work, relationships...
I discovered that love is possible yes, that the day may be cloudy but within me shines a devastating sun and I'm rather a precious gem in this life.
And I thank every day to my Superior Being, my faith in Him and everything that He gives me of good and bad, because I keep learning and following this life so unpredictable.
Thanks to my friends who are still part of my journey.

*Much Love To You* 
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Another year ended and left a feeling of 'want more'...
I hope this year will be showered of expectations of many, many great accomplishments and joys. After all we have a brand new year as a gift, given to shape the way that suits us best.
I have traced goals (like everyone else) and I hope that I can accomplish at least 70% of what I hope (I'm not greedy) and can also share with those around me.
New year, new beginning...

I can only wish:
For those who have always been by my side and show genuine friendship... that your year be rich with blessings!!! 
And for those who have harmed me in some way... awaken to life, shame on you and go try to be happy!!! (remember that karma demands payment for your wickedness) 

Happy DeviantArt Year!!!

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I have spent days in the company of good friends and books... faithful companions!!!
The year is almost over... I wonder what will reserve to me? Surprise... surprise...

To my friends who are missing me as well... I've been kinda busy lately...
At the moment I'm studying very, very much... I was accepted into the Psychology course, so... this is the third college I'm attending. I'm very happy.
I finished my postgraduate degree in Information Systems / Rare Books and I have some plans for next year.

I think that's it... never give up of your dreams even if it's a sacrifice (I'm still under medical treatment and did not give up...) :)


"I have a love and taste of fresh rain and lightning and emergencies. I have a love that came ready, so, water that fell suddenly, cloud that doesn't pass. Desires trickle down my body. A love fright. A love lightning thunder rattling. And mess me. And rain on me every day. "
- Caio Fernando Abreu

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Happy B-Day DevianArt!!!

Wed Aug 14, 2013, 2:32 PM
It's amazing to be here to celebrate DA's B-day!!!
I've learned to love this place and  the works of other artists... It's an honor for me to be part of this community.
So... let's celebrate!!!

. .*).*)
(.(. (..`..♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DevianArt!!! 

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..`..After a long recess finally I'm back.
I'm hoping to update my page on DA and start with some projects that already was in mind for a long time.
The ideas are swarming, despite the short time to handle all ...

Again, if you are in my favorites may know that I loved your art.
So to shorten ... I'm going back to work and get to work!

Let's go to produce beautiful things because life deserves only the best!.*`*..ƸӜƷ

..*) .*)ℒℴν
(. (. . .`

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This time I'm putting my lays and wallpapers.
I have also thought about putting my fanfics, but that's another story... it's for the next time. If you guys like the updates leave a comment.

Lots of love,

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This is the first time I put something made by me in this page.
I do not have much flair for design, but I work with several types of crafts such as painting on canvas, fabric painting, creating fabric flowers, cross stitch embroidery, trimmed with ribbons, works in felt, etc...
And I have a passion for pictures, so whenever I'm photographing nature, birds, sky and flowers.
I was thinking so I decided to share my photos with you guys.
I hope you guys enjoy it!

Huge hug,

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My forum is celebrating its first year this month. We're very happy for this celebration and for all friendship we have there.
You guys are invited to join this community.
Take a look there...

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Hi to Everybody!!!

I'm newbie here, so I don't have any deviation yet.
But I love all kinds of art and I'll follow only those I like very much...
I'm a Librarian, Pedagogue and Teacher who loves to read, mangas, animes, swim, dogs, photography, art and life!
And also to make new friends and keep them.
I have a forum called Shoujolicious where we share raws of the best shoujo manga.
My life is simple but I enjoy it so much.

So, you're invited to be part of my friends. Let's get along!