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So much time has passed, so many changes, problems, disappointments, sorrows... but also brought me victories, joys and teachings.
I could understand that God is as a tsunami in our lives to remove everything that does not pay or not worth it once and for all.
I've learned a lot at this time.
I fixed a broken heart injured for other people's injustice, I won some victories and made new friends.
It was not always easy; many tears were shed and today I see how useless it was to stay holding a situation unsolved.
There are things in this world that you don't have the courage to get rid to heal, so God makes that decision for you. Even if it is too painful, even if you think that will not endure, that will shatter you into a thousand pieces.
Time lets you see that all is not lost, you find new and better opportunities in life. Whether be in the area of love, health, work, relationships...
I discovered that love is possible yes, that the day may be cloudy but within me shines a devastating sun and I'm rather a precious gem in this life.
And I thank every day to my Superior Being, my faith in Him and everything that He gives me of good and bad, because I keep learning and following this life so unpredictable.
Thanks to my friends who are still part of my journey.

*Much Love To You* 
  • Listening to: Ghosttown - Madonna
  • Reading: Sister's Fate - Jessica Spotswood
  • Watching: Person of Interest and Supernatural
  • Playing: Mystery of Ancients
  • Eating: not much... :(
  • Drinking: Coke/H2Oh
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July 23, 2015


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